LCD Controller for LM270WQ1 SDA2 SDC2

lcd controller for LM270WQ1-SDC2

A great set of easy-reassembling LCD controller kit which is used to turn a bare i-mac 27″ LCD panel into monitor. You will be a surprised that bare LCD will be in good use, and no longer be wasted. 


  • Power input is 12V 4A or 5A
  • Supplier may update LCD controller board sometimes, so they may not be same as the picture


  • LM270WQ1-SDA1
  • LM270WQ1-SDA2
  • LM270WQ1-SDB1
  • LM270WQ1-SDC1
  • LM270WQ1-SDC2
  • LM270WQ1-SDDB
  • LM270WQ1-SDD2


  • Widely used with drone, industrial display, medical display… etc
  • HDMI resolution 2560 x 1440, VGA resolution 1920 x 1080
  • 3.5mm jack audio input, 4-pin (PH2.0-4P) internal audio connector
  • When it is in standby mode or no HDMI input, there will be no signal
  • Board size: 112 x 53mm (4.41 x 2.09 inch) 





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  1. premanand Avatar

    LCD Controller for LM270WQ1 SDA2 SDC2
    how to order

    1. qarequ Avatar

      you can order via ebay or amazon. or directly from us. thank you

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